Monday, November 28, 2011


the power of prayer...
i just want to share this thought...
for almost a year of my life, i really have a hard time coping up with the situation, where in you have to live your life knowing that the center of your life, just leave you...just walk away from your life. the sad part of it..leaving you with out any explanations on their side, why they have to leave you ALONE. 
alone in misery, alone reflecting things why it has to end...and for you to learn to live your life in a new way.
I want to die then, so my pain will just vanished right away, because i become so stupid, pain keeps me blinded As in i don't know how to live the normal life i have learned in this world. As in living without a purpose in life.

I have patiently waited my healing. I just ask god for compassion and 
please take away all the tears that i'am shedding every night .
Eventually god gives new experiences, that you tend to take for granted before
Not knowing that it will be the one to help you to be good as new. 
Appreciation comes after, then you tried to live your life again.
Forgetting the pain that have caused your whole system.

Then one special day god gave me a message that really, touches my heart...
Isaiah 38:1-7 where in my reflections is this: 
Put your house in order, because you are going to die and you will not recover, then the king prayed so hard because he is still not ready, then god gives him another chance by saying; I have seen and heard your prayers, I will add fifteen years to your life and i will deliver you from darkness. 

As i have read this, i really cried my heart out. because 
God gave me a second chance to correct my life
for me to bounce back and be me again.


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